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why is one side of my face still swollen after wisdom teeth removal 2 months ago?

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got them removed 2 months ago. as the first week came to an end i noticed that the swelling on one side began to go down but the other did not. i went to the dentist and he gave me an antibiotic. it went down. it swelled up again horribly i mean my cheek was humongous about a month later. and now again it is happpening about a month later. why is this happening? i take care of my teeth brush 3x a day, salt water rinse 3x a day and syringe a lot.

Answer by akvdr
Go to another dentist and maybe you have a stone in your jaw that can cause swelling and pain. You need to get this checked out.

Answer by Julzz33
Swelling can be normal up to about 4 weeks after wisdom tooth removal; after that, though, swelling is a bit of a red flag that something went wrong.

Several things can cause swelling after removal of a wisdom tooth; the most common possibility would be a post-operative infection. No matter how much you take care of it at home, the infection can develop due to many factors beyond your control. Once the infection develops, it’s internal, so there’s no way for rinsing or using the syringe to help (although it won’t hurt, and will improve the health of the gum tissue in the area, so I’d definitely keep doing it). It sounds like you may have developed a post-op infection that was either resistant to the antibiotic given, and you needed a much stronger antibiotic to resolve the problem, or that you have another factor causing the infection, such as a bone spicule or cyst that was not removed when the wisdom tooth was extracted.

It can be fairly common for a dentist to miss a small piece of wisdom tooth, leaving it behind in the socket to cause an infection, or for a small bone abnormality or cyst to develop after the infection; sometimes, however, the only way to treat this is for your dentist to go back in and remove it.

In fact, sometimes the infected area needs to be re-opened and scraped out, even if it’s not caused by a cyst or bone spicule.

There could also be a problem with the tooth next to the one taken out; it may have developed an infection as well (sometimes this happens if the wisdom tooth was infected before it was extracted, but I don’t know if this was the case with you??)?

However, sometimes post-op infections just happen for no apparent reason and can be difficult to get under control. It’s important to rule out other causes though, before coming to the conclusion that it’s a simple post-op infection.

Swelling is a red flag that can become a systemic issue if not treated properly; your dentist should be trying different antibiotics to try and get the swelling down ASAP (and stay down permanently). In many cases, dentists may try multiple antibiotics at once – including a certain antibiotic called Flagyl, or Metronidazole, which combats a certain type of bacterial or protozoa present in dental post-op infections, combined with a standard broad-spectrum antibiotic for other types of bacteria that may be present at the same time, such as Amoxicillin or Clindamycin.

If those therapies fail, he may need to xray the area, make sure no other teeth are involved, and even open it back up and check for missed bone or tissue and clean the infection out.

If your dentist isn’t following this protocol, I’d honestly advise getting a second opinion. After two months, swelling isn’t normal and can become dangerous if not treated properly.

In the meantime, use ice on the outside of your face as much as possible, in addition to taking anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen. Try not to lie flat when you lie down; this will keep the blood from pooling in that area, causing more swelling. Try to lay on several pillows instead.

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September 10, 2011 at 1:34 pm

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